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    Very Important New Member and Admins: README!


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    Very Important New Member and Admins: README! Empty Very Important New Member and Admins: README!

    Post by ThunderTruck on Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:46 am

    Welcome new crew members!
    There are some things that we request of new members:

    Admins goto the Meet the Crew Forums and briefly introduce yourself, so that new members are familiar with the guild leaders.

    Members should do the same in the topic designated.

    New members should get familiar with our raid schedules. We will be expecting ppl to participate with the guild. If you are unable to, talk to one of the admins and we'll work something out.
    This information can be found in the guild raids topic under the guild runs forum.

    We are a mature guild
    We dont go out of our way to be nasty...(most of us, most of the time.) But we do joke here and then in an adult manner. If this is something you cant handle, this may not be the guild for you. While we do try and keep it unoffensive, dont be supprised to find yourself in some M-rated topics here and there, not limited to swearing or the occasional dirty jokes. Keep in mind also that we do not allow harrassment or trolling. Its all in fun, and when it isnt let someone know; its much easier to stop problems in the guild if they are presented and on the table rather then bottled up.

    Now for the boring stuff:
    Guild Member Responsibilities:
    1. As a guild member you are responsible for any and all of your actions.
    Very commonly you'll find us joking around and messing with eachother. This can be fun, but know your fellow members, and try not to push buttons that would cause conflict.

    2.You are responsible to keep comitments. If your signed up for a raid boat, please show up to run on time. If for whatever reason you cant make it let us know either here on the forums or in game before the run as soon as you can.

    3.It is my belief that malicious hacking and mal-use damage the integrity of the game.By mal-use im not refering to making use of glitches, but causing damaging actions. Including deceiving fellow players, (especially fellow guild members) in gameplay and trade. Hacking will not be tolerated. Therefore it is the responsibility of guild members to play legitimately and honestly. Members engaging in malicious activity should be warned and should expect expulsion from the guild.

    4.When assisting and getting assists we prefure that you give as much as you take. If you need an assist in a run, remember to return the favor to another memeber if your available.

    New members are subject to a week trial period. Within that week you will be monitored before becoming a full memeber. During your trial week we reserver the right to remove you at any time for any reason. After completing your week, you will be allowed to defend your position in the guild, if for some reason we feel you dont belong, or we feel your disrupting the guild.*

    *On that note, please be aware that we are a pretty easy going group and easy to get along with. If you find yourself being kicked from the guild or facing the axe, if means that you've done something pretty awful, we dont kick for just any reason. The Goal of this guild is to become strong, competitive, and gain rank, but have fun doing it. If its not fun the rest doesnt matter.
    Admin responsibilities:
    1) Your responsible to recruit new members. New members are to be selected with care; informed that they will have a trial period with the guild. Members should have at least a high enough lvl to show a minimal effort and dedication to progressing in the game.

    2) It is the responsibility of Admins to resolve conflicts between members of the guild. If members are at odds, and an imediate compromise cant be reached, request that the members take time out from eachother.

    3)Admins are required to follow all regular member responsibilities.

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