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    New Applicants: READ ME!


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    New Applicants: READ ME! Empty New Applicants: READ ME!

    Post by ThunderTruck on Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:04 pm

    When we look for new members were looking for a few things:

    That you read and understand the guild rules.

    That you take the time and prepare your application properly, and have read the application readme.

    Applications that have not adhered to this readme will be rejected.


    Lets get started.

    Application format:
    A)Your Character names, their lvl, and class, and specify which one you use as your main character.

    B)A little about yourself... you don't have to tell us your life story, and your not required to give out compromising personal information. We just would like to get a feel for who you are and what your all about.

    C)A statement showing you have read and understood our guild rules. Not reading them is not an option. We have had too many cases were this causes turmoil and confusion. READ THEM or we cannot use you.

    D)Times you are on; what kind of schedule you have on the game. Your not required to be on everyday, and your not required to be on all day, but we like to have active members. If once a week is all you can manage, your not going to be turned down, but any less play time then once a week, and we would be inclined to not add you.

    E)How you were introduced to this guild. (Nexon forums, guild member reference, etc. etc.) We use this to better recruit next time.

    How to apply:

    Using the above format create a new topic in this forum titled <character name> 's guild application. In the body of the message use the above template to fill out your application, and post it. One of our admins will approve you ON THIS SITE so keep checking back with us. If one of us accepts you do as follows: Register on this forum (you don't have to use your character name, but it makes it easier on us)
    and put in your app to the guild in game. The guild name in game is: xNeptuneCutlassx, and the gm is ThunderTruck, use either to search for the guild. We will accept only members who have followed the above steps, so if you don't see a reply of acceptance edit your post to conform to the above, or assume there are other issues with your application, and try back with us at a later time.

    This may seem like a lot of hoops to jump through, and it is, but we use this method to select members that really desire to join us, and are potentially long term. So keep that in mind as you fill out your app, and we hope to make it worth your while.

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